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Why I set up a Celebrity Auction Site

For 11 years, I was a professional footballer at Norwich City and Leicester City. I played over 260 games and even managed to break into a few England squads. A few years ago at 28, I retired due to a serious knee injury, resulting in over 25 operations. Now I'm proud to be an ambassador for The Prince's Trust, and I help support other charities too whenever I can.

The idea for a celebrity auction site came to me after moving back to Norwich when my playing career ended. When I was packing, I came across loads of things we no longer needed. Throwing perfectly good things into landfill doesn't sit well with me, and I couldn't help but think there must be something more we could do with them, rather than just take them to the local charity shop.

I realised that we're all fascinated with celebrities, and many people love collecting memorabilia or something directly linked to someone famous. Surely a charity auction of a celebrities' unwanted items could raise lots more money for good causes than anonymous donations to the local charity shop? And surely it would sell for a higher price if it was available internationally instead of in one charity shop?

And if I have loads of things I no longer need, then other famous sportspeople, performers, actors and personalities must do too!

And so Sellebrity was born. It works by selling items on our online charity auction which have been donated by celebrities. We're well on our way to raising our first million for UK charities, and we've only just begun.

These days we're more than just an auction site, so keep checking our website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news of upcoming celebrity auctions, football matches and events across the UK.

Darren Eadie
Founder of Sellebrity